Fuzzy. At 6:15am. Flusser Navy Linen. Open Patches. Depending. On you. Son. Sleeve Buttons? Deuce-Casual. Flusser Horizontal Impertinence. Inconsequential Monogram. In Red. Fluss Mohair and Silk Trews…Pick Stitching. Over egged. Flusser Green Reptile Waist Cincher. Drakes Dancing Pocket Square. Wrist…Over-Junqued. Cleverly Dainite Light Pea. Green? Suede Tasseled Two Eyelet Demi-Algonquin-Derby? And of course…Gray Chest Hair. Fifty. Shades. bam.

  1. theunbuttonedlife said: A horizontal stripe shirt is my sartorial unicorn. Then, I found out Hamilton can “flip” a fabric. I might have to get one this fall. That could be a problem.
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